Competition Ranking

Note: This ranking system is currently in beta and is under development/evolution. We would appreciate any feedback you may have by emailing masterhomebrewerprogram AT gmail DOT com.

MHP presents a homebrew competition ranking system, determined by the competitors. Competitions will be assigned points out of a maximum possible 100 score. This ranking system is based upon the assessment of the quality a competition offers to the entrants within the following 10 criteria. In each area the competition will be assessed as Best in class, Excellent (>P90), Great (>P70), Average (>P40), Poor (<P40), and Worst in Class.

  1. Placement award quality

  2. Judging quality

  3. Additional prizes

  4. Competition timeliness

  5. Event competitiveness

  6. Registration ease

  7. Comprehensiveness of entries

  8. Award ceremony quality and offering of a virtual ceremony

  9. Ease of entry delivery

  10. Communcation

Each area of assessment is weighted based upon a paired comparison analysis of the 10 criteria performed by the board of the MHP. A full set of scoring criteria is described at this link.

Rank a competition