Board of Directors

The Bigwigs


Matthew Herrold

Founder of the Master Homebrewer Program, Matthew began homebrewing in 2006 when his wife purchased a homebrew kit as a Christmas present.  He began competing in 2008 winning a Stein at the Bluebonnet Brew Off with his first ever entry.  Matthew is also the founder of Meanbrews, a certified BJCP beer judge, and a Certified Cicerone beer server.

Vice President

Bill Boyer

Back in 2010, Bill started brewing with a Mr. Beer Kit and rapidly upgraded to doing all grain brewing. Knowing his wife was not a fan of hops but loved sweet ciders, he started exploring meads & ciders. In 2020, he started expanding his meads & ciders, not only because the shelf life was longer but also because no one was around to drink his beer (Damn COVID). With an abundance of mead & ciders cluttering up his basement, he’s branched out from the local homebrew competitions and started submitting to nationwide ones, having won more than 250 awards since 2021.


Bill is active member of the North Georgia Malt Monkeys, Marietta Association of Schoolhouse Homebrewers (MASH) and runs the Mead & Cider Makers & Tasters group in the Atlanta Area.


Mike Rensing

Mike began brewing in December of 2013 with the gift of a 1 gallon home brew kit. Its debateable wether the initial brews were any good. But with a little patience, some luck, and a larger and better brewing rig, he has made beer that has medaled in 10 different states. He enjoys brewing with friends and trying to help them catch the brewing bug.

Mike enjoys all the belgian beers, but espically the belgian beers.


Eric Martin

IT Director

Matt Jaggers

Matt Jaggers started brewing occasionally in 2015 with extract kits. 2018 brought a lot of changes between brewing more frequently, switching over to brewing mostly all grain, and beginning to write recipes. 2021 brought many more changes with stepping up brewing with even more frequency, implementing better equipment, making more improvements to techniques and practices, brewing those crafted written recipes, entering competitions, and biggest of all starting a YouTube channel to share his journey in homebrewing; sharing all that he has learned that worked and didn’t with his own sense of flair. 

Matt is not only a proud member of MHP but also the Bay Area Mashtronauts Homebrew Club. Having not only a passion for homebrewing but also in content creation for homebrewing, you can find a few collaborations that he has done or is working on currently to help grow, learn, share ideas, and help build the community stronger.

Director of Awards

Andy Scherzinger

Andy Scherzinger is a Charter Member of the Master Homebrewer Program and began brewing in 2015. After discovering competitive homebrewing, Andy went a bit bonkers trying to enter any and every competition he could find and had his best year in 2017, winning 125 medals in 7 states. As a major advocate of competitive brewing he strives to help the MHP become the standard for recognizing lifetime achievements in Homebrewing. 

PR Director

Carl Teachey

Carl was born In Jacksonville, Florida, but soon moved to Orlando and then a farm in Cherryville, North Carolina, at one year old. In the fifth grade, he moved to Gastonia, North Carolina, where he would later graduate high school. At the age of 12, Carl took an interest in breakdancing, hip hop, punk rock and heavy metal. He began to rap, skate, beatbox and DJ. Leaving the Navy after two years (1988–1990), Carl moved back to Jacksonville with his father where he worked as a landscaper and a tattoo artist while developing an idea for a band that combined elements of rock and hip-hop.

The Committee Chairs

Circuit of America Chair

At Large

Ways & Means Chair

Matt White

Matt has been homebrewing since 2012 when it was just a stovetop setup in his apartment, expanding to the all grain setup he uses now. He's taken his hobby to 6 different states since then, being active duty in the Navy. Matt's met many great people along the way and has been a part of some great clubs (CASK Jax, Lincoln Lagers and Seven City Brewers) and now finds himself brewing in Chesapeake, VA until the next move. Cheers! 

The Regional Representatives

Regional West

California, Nevada, Arizona

Ben Sookying

Ben started competitive homebrewing in 2017 and has brewed over 300 batches to date. Ben loves brewing the classic styles but will brew an adjunct beer to change things up. He's a member of 2 homebrew clubs in Southern California, Crown of the Valley Brewing Society and Brew Knights. Ben loves talking beer and helping others get started in brewing. If you're new to competitive homebrewing, reach out to Ben!

Regional Northwest

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah

Adam Lund

Adam began homebrewing back in 2009 when a co-worker was getting out of homebrewing and gave me a couple glass carboys. I went to my local homebrew shop, FH Steinbarts, and gathered the goods for an extract kit. It was a real hot mess to say the least but he kept going. After the second batch he switched to all grain with a keggle and a cooler mash tun. After the third brew he started building a kegerator and things escalated quickly from there. 

In 2020 he was able to get a glycol chiller, TV taplist, 12 tap kegerator and multiple stainless steel fermenters. A local homebrew group has a competition that the winner brews at Widmer on their 10 barrel R&D system, the beer was then on tap at the Oregon Brewers Festival, one of the largest in the state of Oregon. 

He started entering competitions in 2016 here and there and is going all out in 2023 when he started shipping beers to competitions. 

Regional South

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

Paul Pitre

Paul began his brewing career in March of 2017 by buying a Bayou Classic kettle online after helping a friend with a couple brew days at his place. He spent the next year or so trying to improve his beer through the online community. While it helped, a real breakthrough happened when he met a member of a local homebrew club (the Redstick Brewmasters), and started attending meetings. Since then, he met many great new friends, and the quality of his beer improved significantly.

Paul has been focused on doing what he can to improve the homebrewing community. He's currently serving as the President of Redstick Brewmasters, and also founded and helps to run the Boot Brew Fest competition and festival.

Regional Mountain

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico


Regional Midwest

South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky

Stephanie Butler

Stephanie began brewing in 2008 with her husband Mike.  Together, they started entering a few competitions in 2016 winning their first medals.  Notable accomplishments include three NHC medals, High Plains Homebrewers of the Year in 2019, seven brewery scale ups and being part of the Kansas City Bier Meisters winning many club of the year awards.

Additionally, Stephanie is a National BJCP judge and enjoys hosting a 7 week tasting course for prospective judges in the Kansas City area.  The most rewarding aspect of brewing has been the friendships made with fellow brewers all across the country by attending various competitions, festivals and conferences.  Favorite styles to brew are all the hoppy beers and all the malty beers.

Regional North

North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio

Dan Acheson

Regional Southeast

Tennesee, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

Buddy Greer

Regional Northeast

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware

Joe D'Auria

Joe was born and raised in New Haven, CT before moving to Massachusetts where he currently resides.  He was brewing extract for a short period in the 1990's before coaching youth sports got in the way. He picked up the brewing bug again in 2010 starting back up with all grain and a two cooler system. In 2014 he became a founding member of the Metro South Homebrew League, better known as the Mash Holes, based out of Weymouth, Mass. Joe competed in a few local comps in those early years with a few ribbons trickling in. In 2017, he won a local brewery's competition which allowed him to brew there and to have his Amber Ale released in stores in Eastern Mass. The win also included a trip to GABF.  Since then, the competition bug took hold and Joe started medaling in comps across the country and has medaled in 29 states to date. Recently he reached the 100 medal threshold and ranked up to Master Brewer.