About the MHP

Whats This All About?

The Master Homebrewer Program is a nonprofit organization established to promote the mastery of amateur brewing.  The objectives of the program are as follows.

1) Recognize brewers for their excellence in the production of high-quality beer, mead and cider.

2) Promote the hobby of homebrewing by incentivizing brewers to stretch their breadth of knowledge across all styles.

3) Act symbiotically with the BJCP, encouraging participation in competition.

4) Establish a quick and easy means of identifying experts in the field of brewing.  

The Master Homebrewer program is eligible to any resident of the USA aged 21 and older.  

The Master Homebrewer Program is aligned with the scoring system of the 2021 version of the Beer Judge Certification Program.  Members of the program will be eligible to receive rankings and awards based upon scoresheets from an AHA or BJCP sanctioned homebrewing competition.  

Once you have received your scoresheet, you will need to send to the program administrator via a scanned PDF scoresheet, photographed scoresheet, or a screenshot from a competition website showing your assigned scoresheet score along with the judge ranking who assigned the score. 

Our team will take these scores and enter them into your personal dashboard which will record your rank and any special badges/stars you may be eligible to receive. 


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