2023 Circuit of America
(Competitions and Rules)

The Master Homebrewer program's Circuit of America is a Homebrewing circuit, combining the results from all major independent homebrewing competitions across the United States, to award an overall National Champion Homebrewer. 

This circuit is sponsored by BSG Handcraft and the winner of the circuit is awarded a Grainfather brewing system. Competitions included are listed below.

Click HERE for a Map of CoA 2023 competitions. 

Prize Structure:

2023 Competitions Considered for CoA Scoring 

NOTE: In order to maintain a fair circuit for all participants, as of 5/26/2023, the New Jersey State Fair Homebrew Competition was removed, failing the meet the requirements of rule 7 below. 

Complete Rules

MHP will award Homebrewer of the Year badges for the first 10 places of individual/team brewers for the competitions listed in the table below. 

For clarification, An "Entrant" is defined as an individual or a team of brewers.  Each unique set of brewers constitute an individual "Entrant"  regardless of the order of which they are stated within the entry in a competition. 

*NEW* The top 5 scoring entries from each entrant in each competition will earn points which will be calculated based upon the following formula:  

Competitions not announcing entries per category will be awarded 0.9/0.8/0.7 points for 1st/2nd/3rd place winner.  Membership will not be required to earn awards for the Circuit of America. 

Results will be published at the end of each calendar month on this page. 

The following criteria will be used for including competitions into the MHP Circuit of America in future years

NOTE: The Master Homebrewer Program and the Circuit of America is not affiliated with any competition listed in this circuit. Circuit of America only records and publishes publicly available information.