MHP Circuit of America

The Master Homebrewer's Circuit of America is a Homebrewing circuit, combining the results from all major independent homebrewing competitions across the United States, to award an overall National Champion Homebrewer.

A Complete list of participating competitions can be seen below. Click
HERE for a map of competitions in the USA. Full rules are listed below the register. Good Luck!

2022 Standings

2022 Competitions Considered for CoA Scoring

MHP will award Homebrewer of the Year badges for the first 10 places of individual/team brewers for the competitions listed in the table below.

Points will be assigned for all medalling homebrewers in these competitions based upon the following formula:

Competitions not announcing entries per category will be awarded 0.9/0.8/0.7 points for 1st/2nd/3rd place winner. Membership will not be required to earn awards for the Circuit of America.

Results will be published at the end of each calendar month on this page.

The following criteria will be used for including competitions into the MHP Circuit of America in future years

  1. The competition must be located in the United States

  2. The competition must historically have 300 or more entries with exclusion of the mead/cider only competitions

  3. Competitions should be located a minimum of 150 miles apart. Shorter distances will be allowed for major metropolises

  4. Only one competition per state will be allowed with the exception of Texas, California, Michigan and Colorado. These states have exceptions due to style specific competitions (Mead and Cider only) and for the major metropolises located in each state.

  5. There is a limit of 50 competitions (correlating to the number of states) maximum that could be included into the program

  6. The competition shall be judged to BJCP requirements.

  7. The competition must accept external and shipped entries.

  8. The competition shall have at least a 5 year history of continual operation (barring covid delays)

  9. Any competition that meets the above criteria may petition to be added to the program

  10. MHP reserves the right to remove competitions at its own discretion.

NOTE: The Master Homebrewer Program and the Circuit of America is not affiliated with any competition listed in this circuit. Circuit of America only records and publishes publicly available information.